• The Committee’s activities are also aimed to orient them towards standards of quality, justice and a humanist culture. These activities are held    throughout the year and eminent people in their respective fields are invited from all over India and abroad to take part in these programmes.

Some of the areas picked by the Committee to provide exposure to the students are:

• Local theatrical arts

• Literature, music, painting, cinema and other fine arts

• History and philosophy of science

• Cultural responses to globalization

• Ecology and environment

• Culture, religion and philosophy

• Functional knowledge of local and foreign languages

• Learning Outcomes will be organized in the following categories:
  Effective Communication, Leadership Development, Clarified Personal Values, Collaboration, Appreciating Diversity, Social Responsibility, Spiritual   Awareness, Intellectual Growth, Enhanced Self Awareness, Healthy Behavior, Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships, Intentional Learning.

Sr No. Name Of Member Designation Contact Number
1. Dr. J.A.Patel Chairman +91 9712946878
2. Mr. Dev Kushwaha Member +91 9428261511
3. Mr. Dolat Solanki Member +91 9724563068
4. Mr. Suhag C. Bhuva Member +91 9913995048
5. Mr. Nirmal Raviraj Member +91 8460474432
6. Ms.Rinku Patodiya Member +91 9727342636
7. Ms.Rachana Lalaiya Member +91 8866584919