"Sport does not add years to life, it adds life to years”

• The strategies and initiatives to promote community participation in sports, other than elite sports, having due regard to the needs of people of      different age, gender, ability and other background and those with a disability;

• The strategies to foster partnership with different sectors of the community for the promotion of community sports;

• The interface with relevant authorities on the integrated framework for development of student sports;

• The development of community sports clubs and their interface with District Sports Associations and NSAs;

• The promotion of major community sports programmes;

• The principles, procedures and the control mechanism for subverting and sponsoring community sports;

• The funding priorities for community sports programmes;

• The provision of territory-wide and community sports facilities and the Improvement of existing facilities.

Sr No. Name Of Member Designation Contact Number
1. Mr.Suhag C. Bhuva Chairman +91 9913995048
2. Mr.Hardik Bhuva Member +91 9687641863
3. Mr. Dev Kushwaha Member +91 9428261511
4. Mr.Dolat Solanki Member +91 9724563068
5. Mr.Vishal Chauhan Member +91 9033641372
6. Mr.Hiren Raiyani Member +91 9725496096