Dhananjay Education Trust has a simple aim, it is to help children and young people in India to get a good education. DET is working to improve education in India. DET specialises in developing creative, innovative approaches to providing access to learning in these challenging environments. Much of our current work takes place in Gujarat, and its success is due to our belief that programmes should be designed and managed locally.

It is through education that we can best help to alleviate poverty in India. Each year of education increases a persons life long earnings. The children of educated women are more likely to be healthy and more likely to become educated themselves. The Dhananjay Education Trust works at places which have been affected not only by poverty, famine and drought but which have also been affected by conflict and war.

Aim of Sponsoring Body

Value Education, Value life has been our motto right from our inception into the society and we deliver 100 percent activities pertaining to this cause. We periodically monitor poor schools, helping students with free education and books and uniforms. Periodical counseling classes are conducted for the students to help them think better and live better.

We thrive our focus towards a free value education so that every child gets equal education throughout the society, thereby eradicating the need for quotas, caste discriminations and transforming India to a new horizon. A high value education without discrimination is the key to our current success and we hope this will result in a better society very soon.

Life without a dream is a life no more...